And what a year it has been. The things I was allowed to experience this summer in Canada, the people I met, the work I did on the farms, changed my perspective on, well, pretty much everything. I have been blessed.

Top ten memories for 2008:
– stacking haybales on the trailer in the hot summer sun
– seeing a moose bull on Gross Morne Mountain
– the look in Stephan’s and Gerlinde’s faces when I returned to Green Dragon Farm unexpectedly
– saying goodbye to Kevin at the Equinox party (may our pathes meet again)
– seeing Connor the newborn Highland calf the morning after he was born
– discovering the „Outside the Lines“ bookstore on Quinpoole in Halifax
– surprising Kate with a newly built kitchen shelf
– steering the „Gute Seemannschaft“ on the Hunte in Bremen for the very first time
– coming back home
– drawing the first curtain on the premiere night of Scrooge

There and back again, the adventures of a wandering hobbit. Tune in for the sequel next year … no title yet, just a soundtrack: „I am sailing“ by Rod Steward.