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 Okay, maybe unemployment is not so funny after all. Or maybe it is just the dark season. I felt so depressed last week, that I spontaneously decided that something in my life had to change. Something fundamental! At once! So I did something revolutionary: I got a new haircut … yeah, I admit, I am a woman after all.

So, here are the pictures of brand new curly me … those who of you who have known me longer will notice, that it does not look that different from the last brand new curly me … let’s say, three years ago, when I went to the hairdresser last. Don’t look at the pictures too closely, though. You know, what happens, when you try to take a picture of yourself with a digital camera: you never quite know where to look at and you always look a little demented because you are concentrating so much on holding the camera at just the right angle 🙂


What else have I been doing? Well, I spent a few pleasant days in the Whoniverse, again, watching the new Christmas special (which I did not like overly much … I don’t know, why … something missing, no real comanion this time) and rewatching most of season 4. Donna rulez! She is my absolute favorite, at least of the new series (Ace from the old one is a close runner up … due to the audio plays more than due to the old TV eps).

And I finally found a video editing programm for Linux which does remotely what I want it to do: Kdelive. It crashes a lot, though, or just freezes. I think that might be due to KDE problems on my Gnome desktop and normally happens when the KDE server opens a dialog. Or it is just lack of memory on my aging desktop PC. Anyway, with a lot of restarting and rebooting I got four new fanvids done. If so inclined, marvel at the Doctor.

I have not gotten round to including them in my homepage yet, but they are on YouTube and I wanted to try out that embedding feature for quite some time now, so here they come:

Whatever It Takes
The ninth Doctor and Rose – he sends her home, but she will do whatever it takes.

The Show Must Go On
The era of the 10th Doctor is nearing its end, but the show will go on …

Volcano God
This song just seems to be written for this episode. Who is the real Volcano God?

The DoctorDonna … she might not remember, but she will never be forgotten.

Have fun! I did.

Januar 2009