Be my brother, be my father, be my son,
Be my lover, be my shelter, be the one
Who is always there beside me when I call,
Who will catch me, who will guide me, when I fall.
Share my weather, share my sunshine and my rain,
Share my feelings, share my pleasure and my pain.

Let me be your star of morning and your evenstar as well,
Let me take you up to heaven, let me rescue you from hell.
Let me fight the fiercest dragon without armour, without sword,
Let us live in crystal castles, I your lady, you my lord.
We could be the god and goddess in the realm of fairy tale,
We could weave our dreams together, hunt a lion, ride a whale.

We would make the finest match the world has seen,
But you tell me you reject the Fairy Queen.
That you choose to give your love to her instead,
How I loathe her, how I wish to see her dead.
So I swear since you refused to be the one,
I will come one day and claim your firstborn son.

Jutta Jordans