swordMy knight in shining armor has left me
Left me unprotected and on my own
He has ridden on on his milk white steed
I waved him a last goodbye
When he rode away
What am I supposed to do?

His armor was glistening
In the last beams of the setting sun
I sold my only spinning wheel for him to get it
How I loved him for his broadsword
And his vow to protect me
What am I supposed to do?

I guess I will go back to the place I was before
I hid my own sword there
Hid it deep away not to touch it again
So he would not be depressed
Because of course he knew
I would always be the better fighter

He wanted someone he could protect
A nice and noble princess at his side
Completing the picture he had drawn of himself
So his princess I became
Leaving everything I had been and loved
Behind me just to please him

In a secret way I died for him
I froze, I became a doll for him to play with
Without a will of her own
Until he got bored with me
And moved on to find a new damsel in distress
He could rescue from her own will

My knight in shining armor has left me
And I unwrap my long forgotten sword
It has become a little rusty
But it still feels right in my hands
And I know the rust will wear off
When I start fighting my own fights again

I wish you luck on your way
And many new toys to play with
But don’t you ever dare to come back
Because you know
I have always been the better fighter

Jutta Jordans