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I got a lot of the burocratic nonsense done today: I quit my normal health insurance (again … people there must think I am crazy by now, or at least highly undecicive), quit the public TV and radio fee, signed a contract for my travel insurance etc. pp. Now I only have to fill out my income tax refund forms and then I am more or less ready to drop out of sight for a while.

It is a beautiful spring day (even though the weather forecast predicts the return of winter for the coming weekend … but who believes in weather forecasts anyway …) and I enjoyed riding the bike into the city. And as a result, I think I just got the first moskitoe bite of the season. I mean, seriously, there must be other creatures out there who taste just as nice … why always me? Note to self: buy and pack insect repellend!

When I came home, there was this smell of burning or melting plastic in the hallway again. Kind of like electrical wiring melting away or something. The last time I smelled that, a plug in our kitchen overheated and almost burned the house down. Note to self: whatever else you quit … keep fire insurance!

It still feels like yesterday that I came back from Canada. I can’t believe that I have been back for 4 1/2 month already. And in less than two weeks I will be on the road again. Well, on the waterway, more appropiatly.

I visited my parents last weekend. Turns out they haven’t told anyone about my newest travelling plans. It is as if they are ashamed of me. I guess by now they are completely convinced that I am indeed a changeling, some strange creature left by gypsies who stole their real daughter as an infant. How else can they explain that strange wanderlust in their only child, which is so completely foreign to themselves.

And of course it happened to me again: I have been planning this trip for several month, actually I already started thinking about it before I left for Canada last year. And still here I am with only a few days left and so many things yet to do. I haven’t even found a sublet for my rooms yet, let alone organized things like travel insurance or a second bank account. I will end up like Bilbo Baggins again, leaving home in a rush and without even a handkerchief.

One of the things I did do though is finish the audioplay I recorded with some friends more than one and a half years ago. It is not uploaded on the internet yet, because I might want to present it to some radio stations first (you never know, they might buy it and it would be a shame if they declined it just because it has already be published elsewhere). But there is a trailer you can listen to, which will give you a rough impression. It is in German, of course, sorry, English-speaking world …

Dezember 2021