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Yep! I did it. I am here … in Canada.

After a pretty long trip and seriously sleep deprived I arrived in Halifax. That’s what the city looks like from the water. Pretty, isn’t it?

I tried to do some shopping yesterday, I was looking for a used guitar and an ASUS EEEPc, but I was way too tired to find my way around in the strange city. Today I was a little more successful. I found a used Yamaha guitar in a pawn shop, but I don’t know if I will buy it yet. And I bought a used laptop (which allows me to write this article now). It is a Toshiba Satellite, a few years old, but still faster and newer than my desktop PC at home. The shopkeeper (NEXUS, tiny computer store in Dartmouth) asked $ 350 CAN for it at first, but when it became clear that I wanted to take it with me right away even though the CD drive had some problems and the sound driver was not installed yet, he gave it to me for $ 250. It has its quirks, surely, but it feels like a bargain to me.

Apart from that I spent some money on books, not so much because I needed the reading material, but because the bookshops were so adorable and I just had to buy something there.

Tomorrow I will move on to Truro by bus and Stephan will pick me up from there to take me to the Green Dragon Farm where I will spend the next few weeks. I hope I will have an internet connection there as well.

Canadians have a great sense of humor, BTW 🙂

März 2023