Greetings from Chalon sur Saône. The „gute Seemannschaft“ got here after passing approximately 120 locks from our starting point in Strasbourg. At one point you could actually see that we climbed a hill over the Alsace, the highest point of our journey was about 360 m above sealevel.
Until this morning, we had two of Markus’s friends on board. Now we are on our own and in a way it feels as if the real adventure starts now.
Even in the short time aboard I have grown to love the boat (and the skipper, BTW). It feels a lot like home, now. A swimming hobbit hole, small but comfortable, with everything you need. It is a good boat, more a tank than a sports car, which suits me. I can’t wait to see the mast raised and to feel her under sail for the first time.
After Markus’s father died I was full of doubt if it was really the right thing to go on this trip. But now I am glad I did. I am very happy and, for the first time in almost ten years, in love.