I hate goodbyes. I am not very good at them, either.

What can I say? I did get my packing done in the very last moment. The seabag weighs 17 kg (not that much for 5 month) plus my guitar plus my laptop case (which holds not only my netbook, but also my video equipment, some books, a photo camera and all the odd items which fell into my hands in the last minute and just did not fit into the seabag anymore.

Funny things, seabags. A bit like dimension portals. You throw stuff in there and you have the feeling you will never be able to find them again. And forget any notion organizing your stuff in there. Not a chance.

I said goodbye to the musical ensemble tonight. Awkward. Much less sad than I thought, though. Have done all my crying last week, when I made the decision, I guess. Or maybe the thing with Markus' dad kind of outweighs everything else.

Okay, I should go to bed now. I have a train to catch in the morning. I am not sure I will be able to sleep much, but I should at least give it a try.
If you want to read more about the tour, check out our German blog and Markus's homepage:

No idea when I will have internet again, so this is Capella at 52°N 7°33’W signing off.