Actually, it’s -4, since it is just past midnight, but who is counting? (Well, me, obviously)

Do you like the new theme, btw? I wanted something with water for the upcoming adventures, there wasn’t that much to choose from.

Very successful day. I found a sublet. Paul will live in my rooms and – much more importantly – pay my rent while I am gone. That saves me a lot of money. And he says he doesn’t have much stuff, so I can leave most of my things where they are at the moment, which is great. I am really so relieved. I think he will like it here. Our house is a love it or leave it kind of deal. People are either taken by the whole atmosphere and my housemates at once or you can tell that it will not work out in the instance they come through the door. It’s totally a laissez-faire place, very relaxed with a lot of soul, but pretty worn, too, so definitely not for the neat-and-clean-fanatic.

I also opened a travel blog at Nothing wrong with this one, but I wanted a blog in German exclusively for the sailing turn where Markus can post as well. Not much to see yet, except the first pic out of my „mood theme“. That’s a fun feature livejournal has. For every entry you can select a mood and a corresponding picture is shown. Normally it is smileys or the like. And Khalaris (a Doctor Who fan I met at last year’s NaNoWriMo) used to have a theme with little animated pics from doctor who episodes. She changed it to Jekyll now. Neat. I wanted ours to be – well – more personal. So I took 79 snapshots with my webcam of me drawing faces. Sad, happy, angry, weird … you get the idea. Lots of fun, lots of work, too, since I had to cut and resize all the images. But I like the result. And making faces is fun.

Thursday I ordered „The Writer’s Tale“ by Russel T Davies about the making of Doctor Who. It arrived today (well … yesterday with the who’s counting again). Beautiful book. I had planned to take it on the ship with me but now I am almost reluctant to do so because I am afraid that harm could come to it there. Lots of pictures, lots of script excerpts and really a lot of information. And it weighs 3.7 tons. Well, roughly. Which is another argument against taking it. But, but … want to read! Now!