What a lame day! I had planned to celebrate the „release“ of my audio play with some of the participants tonight and I was really looking forward to it, but during the day one after the other called to let me know they couldn’t make it. It also turns out that the few radio stations which accepted short audio plays a few years ago have stopped to do so, the only thing that still is in demand seems to be features. I can’t do features, I don’t like features and anyway, I have a SciFi play that I want to publish!

So I decided to just put it online and announce it on as many audio-play forums and sites as possible and send it as an entry to one of the few remaining competitions for amateur audio, the „Leipziger Hoerspielsommer“.

The good thing about this is, that you are now able to listen to it:

I will also compile a CD version with a few extras and offer that for download (kind of a „build-it-yourself“ CD kit).

Turns out, one of my housemates is a Buffy fan. Haha! And I didn’t even know. We discussed TV shows for hours. She also offered me a ride to the station for Thursday, so that I don’t have to take the bus with all my luggage. That’s so nice. Did I mention that I love this house, lately?

I had planned to work on my idea for Script Frenzy today, but after the premiere thing went bust, I was totally stumped and depressed and did not get much done. I did play around with Sol Stein’s FictionMaster software. It did not impress me much, but I have to admit that it helped me to get a better grasp of my main character. She never meant much to me, but now I have grown to like her. The exercise was to bombard your character with questions which will make him/her uncomfortable. I wrote a little piece of dialogue, a kind of job interview, not to use it in the script, but just to get her talking a little. It ended with her pouring a glass of water over her (now no longer) new boss’s head, which made me laugh. She definitely has more spirit than I gave her credit for. I also decided that she is tall and big-boned and terribly self-conscious about it, which made me like her even more. It makes her vulnerable.

Maybe it wasn’t such an unproductive day after all.