Hah! Synchronicity! I love it when the universe plays those little tricks on you. I was just reading in Jane’s blog again (I really cannot recommend it enough … if you ever want to find out why Buffy worked as well as it did, especially how the humor works, read it … see, I knew I’d hook some of you with that … you know who you are). And she mentiones an episode title for Grey’s Anatomy „The First Cut is the Deepest“. Which would not have been notable at all, had I not just been listening to Cat Steven’s Greatest Hits and exactly that song. So it was really a weird moment and I had to mentally switch between what I was seeing and what I was hearing to make sure that this was really happening and I was not just hearing the song in my mind or something. Probably does not sound as special or weird as it felt when it happened. It is very hard to describe the effect synchronicity has … it’s a bit like the Matrix … you have to be there to grasp it. It is one of those tiny moments which suddenly raise all the huge philosophical questions that have been bothering humankind forever. „Was that meant to happen?“, „Did I pick that album so this could happen?“, „Are we all driven by chance or fate?“ You get the idea. It is a bit like recurring themes (you know, the things in your life which happen over and over again, so you finally get the impression they must mean something). Only sharper and with much more impact, even if it is just a small detail like a song title.

Enough with the philosophy. Actually, I should also decide: enough with the blog reading for today or I won’t get anything done again.

My seabag arrived today. Black, US Navy, double-strap, very cool. Looks a bit like I am going to war and not on a sailing cruise. I am so looking forward to packing it.

I also bought my train ticket. Online. This time it worked (I had an interesting odyssey when I tried that last time … going through all the booking process to be told in the end that I could not pay without a credit card or bahncard. Turned out you could use the EC card for identification but not for payment. How dull is that? Anyway, as bahncard owner I can now simply transfer the money from my bank account.) I will leave next Thursday at 9.04 from Muenster’s main station, which means I will have to get up pretty early. 6.30 or so, seven-ish if I cut it closely. Waeh ….

I should go to a copy shop to get the CD covers ready for the audio play, but I haven’t even finished the cover design completely yet. And I so don’t feel like cycling to the city, even though the weather is lovely outside (wasn’t winter supposed to return this weekend?).