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One week to go. I am seriously getting the jitters here, in case anyone is interested.

What else? I decided to quit the Titanic musical after all. I just can’t travel on two ships at once. It breaks my heart, but it is also kind of a relieve. It makes me a bit more flexible in when to return from my trip. Also I remember last year, when I came back from Canada and just did not feel like returning to the ensemble until more than a month later.

I don’t feel too well today. I seem to have a migraine coming up. I took some aspirin, so the pain isn’t to bad yet, but everything is a bit dull and muffled and I can’t really concentrate on anything. Maybe I am just PMSed. Still, precious time ticking by and I just kind of sit it out instead of doing useful stuff … like income taxes … like working on that Doctor Who vid … like getting my netbook ready for the trip … like cleaning my rooms … well …

I just discoverd Jane Espenson’s blog. She is one of the Buffy and Firefly scriptwrights (and worked on many other good shows as well). She discontinued the blog last December, but it is still worth looking into, it is full of articles on script writing and the American TV industry, really fascinating if your are into that kind of stuff. Sound advice mixed with humour and personal anecdotes. I like it. Actually, I spent a lot of the time I don’t have on reading it today.

BTW, I wish blogs (especially one’s like that one) had a feature to reverse the order of articles, to make it easier to start reading the oldest one first. Same goes for travel blogs, for example. When I stumble onto a blog that has been in existence for a while, I am normally interested in how, when and where it all started.

You know what the nice thing about writing scripts is? You can watch TV and movies for hours or listen to audio plays and call it research 🙂 So, I guess this is what I am going to do for the rest of today. I have been wanting to look into Rosenheim-Cops for a while now, rumor has it they are looking for writers (well, not rumor, an article in the writer’s magazine Federwelt, actually). And now I found that the current episodes are online on the ZDF website. So! Research!

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