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Okay. I am officially crazy. I just signed up for ScriptFrenzy (that’s like NaNoWriMo, just for scripts … movie, TV, comic, stage plays, audio plays etc.). Great idea to commit myself to write 100 pages of script while (literally) learning the ropes on a boat. And I don’t even know if I will have internet access or even enough electrical power to regularily recharge my Netbook. And I want to keep writing this blog and set up a YouTube video blog as well. Note to self: even on a sailing yacht there are only 24 h to a day … except in the odd case when you cross to a new timezone.

Why do I keep doing this? Well, for one thing the motivation emails by Chris Baty are really irresistible. I just added him to my wishful thinking list of people I would love to meet in real life one day (where he now resides amongside people like John Cusack, Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon, David Tennant and Derrick Jensen). And furthermore I really am normally at my best when I work under pressure. Actually, being under pressure seems to be the only way I can work at all.

I have decided to write another audio play, a longer one this time. I love the medium and it really is a challenge to tell a story that way. ScriptFrenzy asks for 100 pages, which is a bit too much for an audio play (the BigFinish Doctor Who adventures are about that length or even a bit more, but as much as I like them I find them a bit too long, actually). I am aiming at a standard length play (which means 45 to 55 minutes) or (should I find that the story is too complex for that) a two-parter. I calculate one script page as one minute of finished play (as with movies) which worked out pretty exactly for „Freiflug“.

I haven’t decided on English or German yet. German would surely be the better choice if I planned to produce it myself again (which I might), but English would give me the opportunity to offer it to the BBC, the only broadcasting company I know who have a regular (daily!) slot for SciFi audio drama in one of their programms (BBC7).

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