I got a lot of the burocratic nonsense done today: I quit my normal health insurance (again … people there must think I am crazy by now, or at least highly undecicive), quit the public TV and radio fee, signed a contract for my travel insurance etc. pp. Now I only have to fill out my income tax refund forms and then I am more or less ready to drop out of sight for a while.

It is a beautiful spring day (even though the weather forecast predicts the return of winter for the coming weekend … but who believes in weather forecasts anyway …) and I enjoyed riding the bike into the city. And as a result, I think I just got the first moskitoe bite of the season. I mean, seriously, there must be other creatures out there who taste just as nice … why always me? Note to self: buy and pack insect repellend!

When I came home, there was this smell of burning or melting plastic in the hallway again. Kind of like electrical wiring melting away or something. The last time I smelled that, a plug in our kitchen overheated and almost burned the house down. Note to self: whatever else you quit … keep fire insurance!