What can I say? It is over, I am back home. The four and a half month I spent in Canada went by oh so fast. After leaving Green Dragon Farm in September I stayed on Cape Breton Island for three weeks, on Brookes and Kates wonderful Oldmanfarm in Middle River. Fabulous autumn colors, amazing animals (goats, dogs, cats, cows, pigs, sheep, chicken and a pet rat), three equally amazing and sometimes very energetic children and a breathtakingly beautiful hillside view are the fondest and most important memories I take with me from their place.

I slept in a sunroom which was attached to the porch and which sometimes got a little cold at night, so I used to take a hot granite rock from the woodstove with me when I went to bed. There is nothing better to heat up your sleeping bag. Brooke gave me one of the smaller rocks to take with me when I left. One day I will return to recharge it on their stove again.

My next and last stop in Canada was Montréal, or rather Otterburn Park, a suburb where my fathers cousin Horst lives. Horst immigrated with his family more than 30 years ago. I had never met him, but I was always mesmerized by the thought that I have relatives in Canada. Unfortunately Horst was on a business trip to Australia, but his wife Brigitte gave me a warm welcome and I was happy to get the chance to meet three of my second cousins with their families and talk on the phone to a fourth one who is currently working in Korea and will move to Berlin next year. They were almost as excited about the fact that they had a cousin from Germany that they had never heard about as I was to be there.

Now I am back home. Many of my friends have called or mailed to ask how I am doing, so they have not forget me while I was gone. And even so I enjoyed this summer so much and really was blessed with warm hospitality and met so many wonderful people, at the moment it just feels so good to be back home, to have all my things around me again (like an internet connection which always works and clean clothes to choose from and all my books and my celtic harp and my bike and and and …). I did not really actively miss all this during the summer, but at the moment if feels just so comforting to have it all back. I am sure that wanderlust will grab me again, in a few month, when spring starts, probably, but at the moment I am home and that is exactly where I want to be.

Thanks to everyone who kept reading about my adventures during the summer and of course thanks to everyone who made my trip oh so enjoyable. Cynthia, Gerlinde, Stephan, Niyma, Billy, George, Kevin, Collin, Nairne, Marina, Brooke, Kate, Eben, Liam, Linnaea, George, Carleen, Brigitte and many more, the people who have stopped for the desperate hitchhiker at the roadside, the people who have opened their homes to a perfect stranger, the people who shared their opinions and ideas on how to make this world a better place. You all have a special place in my heart now. May our pathes meet again.