Hey folks. I have arrived at Green Dragon Organic Farm in Nova Scotia where I will be staying for about six weeks. They only have modem connection to the internet and my laptop was not equipped for that up to now (I just downloaded the drivers, so hopefully it will work out now), so I had no access to the web for a few days. There is a wireless hotspot in the Tatamagouche library, though, so I will have highspeed internet for a few hours on Saturdays. That is my time off, after I help Stephan setting up the market stall and deal with the first onrush of customers.

Stephan and Gerlinde have immigrated to Canada eight years ago and started farming. In the beginning they just tried to be more or less self-sufficient, but by now they have started to sell salad greens and venison to make a living. Even though their farm is quite small (especially by Canadian standards) it is amazing how much work there is to do every day.

I help with the goats (feeding mostly, I have not managed milking yet, even though I tried and I am getting better with it, it’s a little tricky and requires a lot of strength in your fingers and hands, much more than I thought, actually).

I have not taken any photos yet (too busy), but I will upload some as soon as possible. Apart from the goats and deer there are some chicken (most annoying creatures), several cats (one is called Erich and looks a lot like Garfield) and a dog. I could more or less entertain myself the whole day just with petting them all (minus the chicken, that is), but there are garden beds to clear, salad greens to be harvested, washed and packed for the market, new vegetables to be planted. Yesterday I planted 36 pepper plants in one hour and was quite satisfied with myself.

It is quite exhausting to help here. I work a lot less than Stephan and Gerlinde (who manage to keep the house clean, cook wonderful meals and manage their business in between their outside work), but at night I more or less fall into bed and don’t even have the strength left to read or write in my journal. I totally enjoy it, though.

Tune in again next week to hear Capella scream: „Who let the chicken in the goat stable again?“