Yesterday was my last day at work. I left the company after seven years. I keep thinking that I should feel … I don’t know … sad? glad? excited? scared? … I should feel something … anything. And I don’t. One week from now I will be sitting in the plane to Halifax and I really haven’t realized this emotionally. Tomorrow I will celebrate my good-bye party, I haven’t even found the energy to order the beer yet. I am sitting in front of the computer or on my sofa, stare blankly into the air and don’t get myself to do anything at the moment. I feel paralyzed, almost depressed. Hey, I am going to travel through one of the most beautiful countries on earth for 4 1/2 months, how can I be depressed?

I should go and fix myself something to eat. Cooking is a very down-to-earth kind of thing. I normally feel better afterwards.