Okay, the day is drawing nearer …

On June 5th I will fly to Halifax and two day later I will meet up with Stephan and Gerlinde, my hosts for the stay in Nova Scotia. They will pick me up in Truro. I don’t have a confirmed place to stay for the first two nights in Halifax, but I am getting there.

The tent will stay at home. So will the guitar, BTW, I decided to buy a used one in Halifax. This saves me the trouble of carrying it on the airplane (and the worries about it getting damaged). My trusty alphasmart wil also stay behind, I decided to buy a cheap notebook (most probably an Asus EEEPC) after all, for the simple reason that I will need internet access to send couchsurfing requests and other stuff like that.

At the moment I am going through a series of mood swings, from inner calm to curious excitement to total panic and back again. I caught a cold the other day and now I am coughing, sneezing, tired, a little feverish and tremendously annoyed with myself. It is bad enough to feel like that at home, what would it be like to get sick while travelling? Maybe I should be glad to get this cold now, so that I get it out of the way. Still, it is a little difficult to be glad to get sick … did I mention I am annoyed?

But some very positive things have also happened in the last few weeks, things which really felt good and gave me a lot of confidence for this trip. I went to the „Venner Folkfruehling„, a local folk festival, met some old friends there (mostly people I know from workshops in the Proitzer Muehle) and made some new friends. Mario from the Fingerpicker forum was so nice to give me a ride to Venne and kindly adopted me into his circle of friends there. We had a few very cozy and funny late night sessions in Rainer’s camping van and they all were very encouraging about my singing and guitar playing, which felt great and took at least some of my fears about busking in Canada away.

After that I got a visit from Daniel, my first CouchSurfer. Seldom have I met a person with whom I was so much in tune in such a short amount of time. I dragged him through Muenster a little bit, showing him my favorite spots and pubs and we had some nice long evenings at home as well, exchanging music (Daniel is pretty much in what he calls „neo folk“ and I would refer to as „Mittelaltermucke“), drinking mead (I had totally forgotten how good that stuff tastes), cooking vegetarian dinners and discussing the world in general. He stayed two days longer than he had originally planned and (6 housemates notwithstanding) the house felt a little empty and sad when he was gone.

Actually it felt so empty and sad that I decided to go out on my own on Sunday night (Monday was a public holiday), ended up singing Karaoke in the Gorilla Bar, got drunk and pretty much made a complete fool out of myself (I got something like a little fan club, though, a group of people who would shout „Jutta! Jutta!“ whenever I got on stage … nice thing, a fanclub 😉 ). The Gorilla Bar is pretty aptly named, BTW, high testosterone level meeting way too much alcohol, but it has a very welcoming, almost family-like atmosphere to it. Despite the high percentage of wannabe alpha-males I felt quite safe there (which was probably the main reason I allowed myself to get that drunk, I normally don’t do that in public).

So, while I pretty much felt like I could handle anything Canada might throw at me last weekend, now I feel like I am not even able to handle the bikeride to town. That’s just the cold-ridden, miserable, sick me speaking, though. I hope some of my bravado will be back as soon as I am able to climb the stairs without my knees shaking again.