I just watched the second part of „Zeitgeist – the movie“ which deals with 9/11. (The other two parts deal with religion and the banking system and are worth watching as well)


It is a movie, nothing more, nothing less. It does not prove anything, I know that. It is just that I said that 9/11 was an inside job from the beginning and it is always nice to find that there are people out there who share that opinion. My reasoning was mostly that no Islamist or other terrorist would have anything to gain from what happened there (except maybe the thing with the 70 virgins). The only groups of people who seriously benefited from 9/11 were the Bush administration as well as their economic and military counterparts.  So go figure. It just went from evil Taliban terrorists to Iraqui weapons of mass destruction too fast for my taste. It was clear that the situation was at least used by the American government to make the most out of it. It so reminded me of the way the fire in the German Reichstag was used by the Nazis to justify the „Ermaechtigungsgesetz“, the Enabling Act which allowed the Hitler government to pass new laws without having to involve the parliament.

I might be paranoid, but there is no way that I am booking a flight to Canada at the moment which will force me to pass through the United States. I always feel a little defensive when I tell someone, but actually, most people I have talked to understand. The United States have become a fascistoid  country not only from my personal point of view but in the eyes of many outside onlookers. That is kind of scary. I mean, hey, the US have never been a bunch of choir boys; we know that, but at the moment there are many banana republics out there which I trust more than I trust the United States.

Okay, enough Anti-Americanism for today. Watch the movie!

(And dear FBI/CIA/NSA or other agent who might have stumbled upon this blog entry because it was noticed by your spybots: relax, I don’t plan to blow up any public buildings in your coutry (or mine for that matter) anytime soon)