I did something crazy yesterday. I quit my job. Just like that. I decided it is time for a change and instead of starting to search for a new job secretly and then quitting when everything was securely in place for a change, I just went straight into my bosses office and announced that I wanted out. As soon as possible, which means by the beginning of June in my case.

I already have new plans, though. I will fly to Canada (Nova Scotia) in June and WWOOF on a farm for two month, then I will move on towards the west coast in August and September. From there I will fly back to Germany. I have made arrangements for my stay in Nova Scotia, and I will end up in Longworth, BC, but apart from that, nothing is decided yet. I will probably do some more WWOOFing in between, I might buy a used bike and do some cycling in Nova Scotia or even Newfoundland, I will travel by bus, train or hitchhike. I hope to visit some relatives in Montréal. I will couchsurf.

I have not decided if I will take my full camping gear. A tent makes you pretty independent, especially in the wilderness areas, but on the other hand, it is a lot of extra luggage to haul around. I definitely want to take my guitar with me, since I hope to do some busking. I always wanted to do that. So: guitar, tent, sleeping bag, styrofoam mat, clothing (4 month, at least 7 provinces means all kinds of different weather, I am afraid) plus some essentials like camera, books, my trusty AlphaSmart. That’s not funny. Even for a two week trip I always ended up with more baggage than I could comfortably carry. Maybe I should buy a shopping dolly („Hackenporsche“).

I might set up a special travelling blog for the tour or just use this one, but since I do not take a laptop with me, I don’t know if I will update regularly. And I don’t have a usable digital camera yet and I am not sure if I want to buy one (that is me, ranting about useless consumption of electronic gimmicks again). If one of you has a spare one (can be an older model, 3 Megapixel would be more than enough for me) and can part with it for 4 month, I would very much appriciate it.

Oh yeah, and if anyone of you is travelling Canada in the same timespan and wants to meet up, just yell. I would love to have some company for part of the way.