Don’t know where to start, actually, don’t really know what this posting will be about, because I don’t know what anything is about at the moment. I feel like I am washed, spinned and tumble dried at the moment. And it is not even a bad feeling. It should feel a lot more scary, but it is more … what? … exciting? adventurous? Unfortunately, no one can explain what the matrix is … not that I regret having taken the red pill … it is just a little desorienting.

Still talking about peak-oil here, of course. Or rather, what is stands for. Peak-oil is just a buzzword (and just part of the problem), but it is the easiest way to sum up the problem. So, our civilisation will collapse, millions of people (maybe even billions) will die in the process, starving to death or being killed in stupid resource wars. Yeah, you might call me Cassandra, I don’t care, I am convinced it will happen and soon. Still, why am I feeling so exhilerated by all this? Because, the more I learn about it, the more I start to look for information, the more people I meet who see it, too.

For years I have been a cultural pessimist, knowing that we were heading for desaster, and all the time I had the feeling that I must be crazy, because I seemed to be the only one who noticed that something was wrong. Well, not the only one, of course. There were always people around me who criticized capitalism as the source of all evil, but most of them where caught in a dogmatic, inflexible, Marxistic tangle of arguments that did not really get the point. Or maybe it did and I was too stupid to understand their highly intellectual yadayadayada? Comrades, if you want the working class of this world to hear you, you have to learn to talk straight. Simple sentences. Nothing more complicated than first order predicate logic. Otherwise the Bob builders (and the Capella programmers for that matter) are not able to follow you.

Sorry, getting sidetracked here. Where was I? Yeah, right, so I felt pretty much alone in all of this. And now suddenly, I find people everywhere who have seen the light (taken the red pill, looked beyond the plate rim, whatever). They come from the ranks of the peak-oil doomers, the eco-village enthusiasts, the globalism sceptics, and (and that’s new) even from higher management of banks and corporations. The smart people of the world are finally waking up. Thanks guys (and girls). Where have you been all those years?

Maybe moving to this house has something to do with this uplifting feeling as well. I started my day today with an hour long discussion on transcendental meditation, Shostakovich, television, time-travel, the lottery and fair trade tea. Could have been a Mensa meeting 🙂 I love my housemates.

Then I visited the LATOC-forum (where the doomers dwell) and had some more interesting discussions there. In between I watched a few episodes of „The Tribe“ (a children’s program, acutally, but a very good one and quite in-tune with my current doomer tendencies … it is a little like MadMax meets Degrassi Junior High. They even have a Tina Turner look-alike)

Then I visited the LATOC-forum some more. Then I read a few chapters on „Jenseits des Ölgipfels“ by Eva Marbach (another smart person who develops a very realistic post peak-oil scenario, a little Ecotopia, a lot of Soylent Green). Then someone in the LATOC forum mentioned Michael Pollan (I wrote about him in the old blog … he is the one warning us about corn taking over our world), someone else pointed me to Derrick Jensen (please tell me he is not married … *drool* … Capella! Get a grip! … sorry about that) and his Endgame books.

So, yeah, we might be on a rollercoaster-ride to hell, but there are a whole lot more decent folk out there than I thought. If we somehow connect with each other, we can have a global network of smart, wise and good-willed people, a grassroot network to start a revolution or at least for keeping the topsoil in place when the tide rushes in. I love the world. It is worth saving. It is kind of our only option, too.