Okay, I am aware that we have a global overpopulation problem. While I know that theoratically, it normally does not bother me much in everyday live, since large amounts of those people live in China or India or whereever.

When Christmas approaches, however, all 6 something billion people living on this earth seem to be in one place: Christmas market in Münster. And those who are not happily sipping away on hot spiced wine end up in the same shops where I peacefully try to do my Christmas shopping. Did I mention that I pretty much hate people in general?

Apart from Christmas-induced overcrowding, have you been to a bookstore lately? I used to love bookstores; I could browse through them for hours.  But nowadays I find them utterly confusing. What happened to the good old system (in use for centuries in libraries all over the world) to put books on shelves in alphabetical order of the author’s name? When I try to find a book now, even though I know the title and author, I first have to figure out if it is a thriller, a science-fiction novel or might for some reason even be considered high literature, then find the table where books from that genre are displayed and look for the right pile. Sometimes I also have to consider if I am looking for a paperback or a hardcover, because they are kept in totally different sections of the store (different floors, even). That sucks big time!

Next year it will definitly be Amazon again for Christmas.